With DIT (Do It Together) we create the frame for a night with focus on female musicians.
We invite all interested to join at Rialto:Theatre for three wicked concerts, a DJ set and an artist talk.

The evening is about doing something together – Experiencing three concerts as a approach to the current music scenes presentation of female musicians.

DIT has found three up coming acts, Ida Kudo, LadyJerks and Transformax Algernon Aldyss who can be experienced on the stage from 20:00.
The musicians will after the concerts engage in a artist talk with their own experiences as female musicians. The evening also presents an reunion with the legendary Dj-collective DameUlove who will be delivering a top notch Dj-set.

Date: 21st of august 2015
Time: Doors open at 19:00
Location: Rialto:Teatret
Price: 50kr – Tickets can be bought at the door and on billetto.dk